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How you can use #AwarenessWeeks to stay front of mind with your audiences

June 25, 2015

Content marketing (sharing useful, topical, non-salesy information with your audiences on a regular basis) allows brands to stay ‘front of mind’ with potential customers on an ongoing basis to increase repeat business and word of mouth recommendations from powerful ‘brand … Continue reading

How has digital marketing and social media in business evolved over the last three years?

June 18, 2015

Here at Engage Comms we’re celebrating our third birthday and we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on how digital marketing and social media in business has evolved over the last three years. My business partner Jo and I are from a background … Continue reading

More than words: If we know ‘content is king’, why is it still being treated as the poor relation?

June 4, 2015

‘Content is king’. The phrase has been so overused it’s taken on cheesy cliché status in marketing circles. But if it is so obvious and ‘old hat’, why is it still not being put into practice by so many brands … Continue reading

How to use hashtags to gain visibility for your business on Twitter (#insteadofthosetongueincheekonesthatdontmakeanysense)

May 12, 2015

It’s a question that pops up in most meetings about social media from slightly embarrassed clients – “What actually are hashtags and how can I use them to benefit my business?” Although hashtags seem to be everywhere nowadays, from your … Continue reading

Food Photography Cheat Sheet

April 7, 2015

Often, it can be hard to take pictures of food that look good enough to share on social media platforms. Whether it’s a picture of a dish coming out of service or a step by step process of a meal being … Continue reading

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