This week is National Careers Week and our very good friends at Blacks Solicitors have invited me to write a guest post for their excellent legal blog. We often use Blacks Solicitors as a best practice case study of how to ‘do’ social media in the professional services sector (including in our ebook ‘Power Your Personal Brand for 2013‘ in which we profile Blacks Managing Partner Chris Allen) and it is an honour to be asked to provide expert comment on their highly acclaimed blog.

Since it is National Careers Week, I decided to look at the topic of whether potential employers can check out what candidates are doing on social media. I’m no legal expert but I do know a bit about employability and what attitude employers take to certain types of behaviour online. Social media has made everyone a publisher and, as a many of staff of any organisation, you are a representative of that brand.

As I discuss in the blog, there are some legal constraints to how far employers can base their decision on whether to hire you on your personal digital footprint, but there is nothing to actually stop them looking at information and images in the public domain – and why shouldn’t they?!

Read the full guest post for tips on how to avoid being caught out: