We deliberately don’t call ourselves a PR agency or a social media consultancy – we’re digital communications specialists. The word “digital” doesn’t automatically put us in the “techy” world, it just refers to the sphere in which all businesses should now be operating. What we do is very much about “social” business but it’s not just social media.

So, what is digital communications?

The BBC is currently advertising for a Head of Digital Communications. The job advert says:

“The Digital Communications team covers some of the most exciting, fast-paced and varied areas of the BBC. Split into two parts – Digital Publicity & Comms (all external comms for Future Media, BBC online/ mobile/ tablet/ connected TV, BBC iPlayer, Innovation, R&D, Technology, and Archive), and Digital Engagement (the BBC’s corporate + comms websites, blogs and social media) – the team is responsible for shaping the BBC’s digital reputation, and leading the innovation story, working collaboratively with most areas of comms and marketing… You don’t have to be a tech expert for this role.”

“Digital reputation” is the key phrase for us here. Whilst much of what we do is about boosting profile and driving business, it is increasingly about reputation. Not reputation management as we once knew it. That’s not possible in the digital world. But using digital communications to listen, engage, interact and respond in a way that informs all business practices and builds a reputation that is a genuine reflection of the business. The “innovation story” also strikes a chord with us – those with their eyes and ears in the digital space are best placed to lead on new ways of working.

The only thing missing from the excerpt of the job ad quoted above is that those responsible for digital communications should not just be working collaboratively with the comms and marketing function, but with the whole organisation. They don’t all have to be experts but everyone needs to be bought into the power of digital communications and be contributing to it for it work.

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