It’s always interesting to hear word from across the comms industry on what is around the corner, and this December we’ve seen some well-researched and insightful predictions for social media and digital communications in 2015 – as well as some rather outlandish ones! So in the spirit of Christmas silly season, we bring you the Engage Comms 2015 non-predictions!

Disclaimer: If any of this does happen, we’re definitely going to pretend that this wasn’t a joke.

1) Facebook will go the same way as Myspace. It’s already started to happen: young people are fleeing the network in droves to escape their parents and are using websites like Elo and apps like Yo instead. Usage will drop to a couple of thousand unique users a month, if that, and by September we’ll all be talking about how funny it is that we used to ‘like’ things.

2) As hacking becomes a bigger and bigger problem, Snapchat will invest in online security until they’re one of the most heavily encrypted and secure methods of digital communication. As such, professionals and even politicians will start using it to share confidential information, and the app will rebrand as a corporate service (leaving all that sexting malarkey firmly in the past).


3) Google+’s time will finally come. No, really!

4) The bods at Twitter will focus on monetising the platform. They will start by just charging for-profit organisations, but by the end of the year it will be 5p per tweet for all of us (and we won’t mind).

5) The big British banks will completely revamp their comms strategies, adopting a totally transparent approach to social media in particular. It will be hugely successful, and they will gain mass support online. This sort of thing won’t happen anymore, we can promise you that!


What developments in the digital world can you dream up? Tweet @EngageComms and tell us your wildest non-predictions for 2015!