Employer branding has really taken off in 2016. Bringing together HR and marketing, it is all about improving recruitment and employee engagement/retention by becoming an ‘employer of choice’. In the simplest of terms, it means that by making your organisation the ‘it’ company to work for, you’ll have the best talent in your industry fighting to work for you instead of having to go out and chase them.

In order to grow, you need to attract people who have the right skills and can bring something useful to the table to aid growth. Think of your organisation as ‘The Plastics’ in iconic teen movie ‘Mean Girls’ (if you haven’t seen it, you’ll soon catch on):

  1. Regina George would NEVER allow a nobody to join the group

    53a0e7d640b31_-_unknown-3-51047042– Your organisation needs to attract the crème de la crème in your industry. So what stops a desperate wannabe from joining The Plastics? Producing content which positions you as the thought leaders in your field of expertise is one of the most effective ways of segregating your business from your competitors and making you the ‘employer of choice’.


  1. Show off your biggest assets

    Mean girls - army pants–People are your biggest asset, so make sure you’re showcasing them and their individual talents. This sets the standard for new recruits; can they picture themselves as part of your company? What do they have to offer that will add value? Will they fit in with your ethos and be an engaged team member? Your clients and customers will also appreciate knowing that there are actual humans behind your organisation – we know it’s a cliché but people buy people!


  1. Internal communications –

    Internal commsMake sure your employees feel a part of the bigger picture by keeping the lines of communication open. Having messages circulated internally serves as a reminder to employees on the benefits of working for your organisation and boosts team moral. And don’t forget to encourage employees to pass the message on to show the outside world what it’s like working for the organisation. (we don’t, however, suggest you follow the strategy shown in Mean Girls by creating a Burn Book. This will only end badly.)

If you want to save money on recruitment and attract better, more engaged talent, get in touch and we’d be happy to talk further about how your business could benefit from our employer branding skills.