We’re not doing Christmas cards this year. Instead, we’ve created this (slightly tongue-in-cheek!) infographic to help you get through the festive period with an unhampered online presence.


Top Tips for surviving a social Christmas (!!)

No-one goes online over Christmas

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are a time for families to get together and engage with each other. You certainly won’t find anyone looking down at their phone while an elderly relative nods off in the corner or Googling “what to do when your turkey catches fire?!”, so don’t bother posting on social media because no-one will see it.

Everyone is living in the moment

Wait until 1st January to start sharing content about dream holidays and home renovations because over Christmas everyone is living in the moment whilst wearing a paper crown and waiting for their Dad to finally come up with the best Scrabble score possible. They’re certainly not dreaming of being elsewhere!

No-one will see your adverts

It’s a complete waste of money advertising over Christmas because people just fast forward the TV and don’t read print media any more. And nobody looks at or shares ads on social media. So don’t bother.

People are only sharing things in real life

Christmas is all about sharing gifts, food and quality time – not online content. Nope, nobody shares anything Christmassy online. Not in my news feed anyway. Honest. That’s why we’ve created this infographic. Not so that you will share it. Just to warn you.

Everything is closed

Joking aside now, the shops are closed and the internet is very much open over Christmas. However, if your business isn’t in full swing and you can’t respond to comments and enquiries, don’t schedule posts that encourage some sort of interaction or make it look like you’re there when you’re not.