Having built up several years’ experience working with trade associations and membership organisations including the Credit Services Association (CSA – the UK trade body for the debt collection sector), the British Association of Construction Heads (BACH – representing leaders within Higher and Further Education), and the Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG – a collaborative UK membership organisation for the debt advice and related sectors), Engage Comms is now listed as a trade supplier on the Trade Association Forum’s (TAF) website.

TAF is the only Government supported organisation representing membership bodies in the UK. It helps associations with strategic development and the day to day running of their organisations, promoting them to Government, industry and the wider public.

The organisation was founded on the recognition that trade associations and membership bodies face similar challenges in terms of their operational activities. From our experience of working with membership organisations, we have found that the complex web of stakeholders and audiences that they have to influence and engage with requires long term strategic communications as a key element of their growth and development. Associations often have a combination of political, social, regulatory, commercial and other aims and objectives, and need to educate and build long term relationships with their members and other audiences.

This is something that we are experts in doing through everything from research/insight projects, brand/marketing strategy development and membership engagement strategies, to ‘agenda tracking’, stakeholder engagement, CRM development, email marketing, events maximisation, traditional/digital PR, thought leadership blogging, and strategic use of social media.

Trade associations are also often responsible for professional development in their industry, providing learning & development services which often include formal training and qualifications. We also have extensive experience in the education and skills sector with clients including one of the UK’s largest awarding bodies/assessment organisations, and one of the largest providers of apprenticeships to the UK public sector.

With such a multi-faceted set of objectives, services and audiences, trade associations can’t afford not to invest in integrated and strategic marketing comms and we help them understand how to invest in the right things so that their strategy is insight-based and outcomes-driven. We can also help align this with their internal communications to improve organisational performance, employee engagement and value for money for members.

If you are a trade association or membership organisation looking for advice on any of this, please get in touch.