Case study: akinika debt recovery

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akinika logoHaving recently been bought out and re-branded by a major corporate, akinka debt recovery needed a website that would bring the new brand to life for both customers and stakeholders.

Heavily regulated sector

Having previously carried out in-depth consumer research on behalf of the Credit Services Association (the UK trade body for the debt collection sector), Engage Comms was asked to use our insight to ensure that the website content was not only compliant with industry regulation but also helped to improve the customer journey for greater efficiency and engagement.

We acted as the ‘consumer champions’ within the project working group advising on everything from layout and design to usability and content from a customer perspective.

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“With the prospect of upcoming authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority, we had to make sure our new website would go above and beyond complying with consumer credit regulation. Engage Comms was brought on board to act as the 'consumer champions', making sure that all the design, layout, usability and content of the site was as customer-centric as possible. They played a vital role in ensuring that the new brand was brought to life in a way that would have long term relevance and impact.”

John Ricketts, former Managing Director
akinika debt recovery

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