In our role as comms ambassadors we find that many of our clients encounter the same problem when it comes to communications. They have so much to share – after 10 minutes speaking to them, we are totally sold. They are passionate, they are experts in what they do and they offer fantastic products and services. And herein lies the but….

They don’t showcase this anywhere or have the skills in-house to do so. Content, as they say, is king and with creative engaging content you can communicate your business so much more effectively. So how do you go about generating, presenting and sharing your content?

Content of Olympic proportions  

It was probably the most anticipated evening in the country’s 2012 calendar – the London Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony. After weeks of moaning about transport and the cost to the economy it was here and the country anticipated a flop and an indication of how, when it comes to it, we can’t really compete on a world stage. Olympic fatigue had already set in and the Games had not even begun.

Olympic rings

Then Danny Boyle and his epic “Isles of Wonder” took over our screens for three and a half hours and the nation’s fatigue was replaced with full on Olympic fever. It was a bold decision to put the fate of our Olympic ceremony in the hands of film producer Boyle. The Olympic Commission could have chosen a safer conduit to deliver the country’s proudest moment. But they didn’t – and the impact was epic. First class content delivered in the most creative and engaging way possible. A massive tick for brand Britain.

Bringing content to life

So how did Boyle get it so right? Well, he took what we already had and brought it to life. He took our rich history and turned it into a magical, theatrical spectacle. His use of actual volunteers, NHS workers and real people was genius and made it all the more genuine. Our national treasures the Queen, Bond, JK Rowling and Mr Bean reminded us of what makes us so unique and by featuring Dizzee Rascal, Emeli Sande and the Arctic Monkeys, instead of the usual suspect operatic stars, he appealed to the youth market. My four year old loved it and my granny did too!

The opening ceremony, like the Royal wedding gives the country the opportunity to communicate fully what makes it so special and in doing so the nation unites and negativity is replaced with hardcore pride. Our content is world class and we don’t do a bad job of delivering it….