We were very chuffed to be asked by the founders of the fantastic comms2point0 blog – a free online creative communications resource created by leading Local Government communicators Dan Slee and Darren Caveney in their spare time (what little of it they must have!) – to be guest editors for the day today.

I was asked to provide a guest blog on a topic of my choice, a list of six useful links to share with fellow comms professionals and a ‘track of the day’. So, we decided to focus on something that we’ve seen a growing need for as digital communications specialists – better website content development.


Check out the blog for our 3 reasons why you can’t build a decent website without a comms expert and follow @comms2point0 on Twitter to take a look at the links we shared:

Oh, and if you get a minute, have a listen to my carefully chosen track of the day, ‘One Night in October’ by one of my favourite Northern bands, Little Comets.

Thanks to Dan and Darren for having us and keep up the good work with comms2point0!