Award-winning B2B marketing communications consultancy Engage Comms has launched its own podcast studio for clients looking for a content-led approach to audio broadcasting.

Drawing on years of experience in business-to-business PR, comms and marketing with organisations including trade associations and start-up consultancies, plus its in-house digital capability, Engage Comms can now deliver all aspects of audio-based podcast strategy, planning, coordination, production, outreach and marketing. From episode planning and guest speaker sourcing to hosting and promotion, the team will utilise its existing skill-sets to position clients as credible thought leaders in an engaging and entertaining format.

Engage Comms Founding Director Helen Gill says:

“Right now, business podcasting is like the social media of 10 years ago or the websites of 20 years ago: It’s seen as a bandwagon to be jumped on with a focus on the technical aspects of the platform rather than the content.

“Like all forms of B2B marketing comms, podcasting isn’t something organisations should be embarking upon because it’s ‘on-trend’ or because everyone else is doing it. There has to be a clear rationale and business purpose, and there has to be a recognition that it is all about the content, with the mechanics of it being secondary. If you don’t have enough to say or you don’t have the comms skills/support to produce something meaningful, it will quite literally fall on deaf ears.

“As with everything we do, we’ll be taking a ‘quality over quantity’ approach to podcasts for organisations with purpose in niche sectors. Our focus will be on giving their audiences an alternative, more convenient means of gaining valuable insights as an integrated part of their overarching marketing comms strategy.”

As an experienced public speaker, Helen can act as host on clients’ podcasts where required. Engage Comms can also host clients and guests at its podcast studio in Otley on the outskirts of Leeds, produce podcasts remotely, or transport equipment and host from any suitable location.

Watch this space for B2B podcasts from Engage Comms coming soon!