Over the years my love for social media has grown through using it for both clients and myself, but I’ve come across a few stumbling blocks. You’d have thought that because the billion pound industry has all the best techy geniuses working for them, they wouldn’t struggle too much to sort out a few of the issues I’ve pin pointed below.

stalkerThe Instagram zoom – this is a feature I’ve been waiting for ever since I first joined Instagram and accidently ‘liked’ someone’s picture by double tapping on it. It might just be because I’m a naturally nosy person but I like to scrutinize the smaller details in a picture, why is Instagram not allowing me to zoom and find out more?!

Snapchat tagging – if I’m going to go to the trouble of taking a picture of my friend to set it as my Snapchat story, I want to tag them in it so their buddies can see it too. Similar to tagging friends in pictures on Instagram and Facebook, why has Snapchat not caught up with the times and decided that pictures are for sharing.

Snapchat friend finder – if the whole point of using social media is to connect with people, be it friends or business contacts, why is Snapchat making it so difficult to find people you know who are using the app? Would it not be in their best interest to link up with Facebook so you can add and snap your Facebook friends?

3 strike and you’re out rule – if anyone dares to send me another game request on Facebook, I want to give them a 3 strike and you’re out rule. For the last time, I don’t want to donate a sack of corn to your Farmville project just like I don’t want to know you actually spend your Thursday evenings pretending to be a virtual farmer.

Buying followers – anyone who thinks it is remotely acceptable to buy a bunch of followers for their Twitter/Instagram/any social media account should immediately have their account deleted and be made to start from scratch again. It’s quality over quantity, people! Having 150 people see your tweet and click on the link is actually better than having 3000 robots ‘seeing’ it and your click rate dipping down to 0.6%.

Instagram retweet – if I see a really nice picture a brand has shared on Instagram and want to share it with my followers too, there is no easy way of doing this. You can download external apps to ‘regram’ posts but why is this not a feature that Instagram has brought out itself? And while I’m on the topic, why is there no easy way for me to save a picture? FYI Instagram, I’m getting really tired of screenshotting and cropping!

The LinkedIn newsfeed should be better, just in general – have you ever shared an update and wanted to check it in your newsfeed? Well LinkedIn clearly thinks that it’s too much to ask to actually see your own updates.

If like me you are also waiting for new features to your most used social platforms, let me know in the comment section below; you have no idea how good it feels to get it off your chest!