We are always looking for inspiration to help us in our work with clients to define and articulate their mission, vision, and values. These are the building blocks of effective content marketing, providing a framework for brand personality, tone of voice, and narrative that make content authentic, consistent, recognisable, and memorable, and in turn build trust, loyalty, and credibility.

This week, we stumbled across this infographic of the 24 most inspirational company mission statements. Our favourite from the list is Twitter’s: ‘To give everyone the power to create and share ideas instantly, without barriers’. This is a proposition based on outcomes and not outputs which is what mission statements should be. It translates neatly into its more ‘active’ strapline: ‘It’s what’s happening’. Distilling down something so huge into such a powerful statement can be difficult but the more concise, the better.

See the infographic below for more inspiration:

This infographic was created by Unum UK. Unum provides employee benefits that protect businesses and their staff.