Since setting up Engage Comms back in 2012, we have come across so many amazing businesses that are highly specialist in their niche sector, have a loyal customer base and workforce, and rely on a great reputation with a select few influencers to continually grow their business without having ever really done any proactive marketing.

Often these businesses have a very outdated logo and brand, a 10+ year old website that hasn’t been touched in years, and very little marketing collateral – sometimes not even a basic business card! Even in 2019. But why do they need to bother when they have done so well for so many years without investing in it? And how do they get away with it? It usually comes down to the niche/specialist bit – by having an amazing, unique product or service and doing a great job for an existing customer base, they face little to no competition.

What seems to be special about these businesses is the passion of their people for what they do. But the next generation of their workforce – and key customers for that matter – isn’t going to want to work for or with a company that looks to the outside world like its living in the dark ages. Your brand (and all that comes with it in terms of what your business stands for and its culture) is as important for keeping your existing employees engaged as it is for targeting potential customers.

Successful as they may have been over the years, these businesses are vulnerable to sudden newcomers to their marketplace who have a more innovative approach and, more importantly, they’re not fulfilling their huge potential to be even bigger and better and maybe even diversify into different areas. Let’s face it, if you can be that successful without going out of your way to attract new customers/talented staff (or even be visible to them online if they want to find you!), imagine what even a small investment in your brand and marketing efforts could do?!

Many argue that their clients don’t look for the kind of thing they do online but that’s changing even in the most traditional and specialist of sectors and there’s no avoiding having a good digital presence even for face to face contacts who want to do their research and get a bit of reassurance that you are as good as you say you are.

Being the best at what you do is worth shouting about and ensuring your business fulfils its potential with a brand that reflects how innovative and special it is isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity if you’re going to survive in the long term. And believe it or not it doesn’t need to cost the earth or involve any “blue sky thinking” about what your “spirit animal” is!

Don’t wait until a poorer quality but slicker looking competitor snatches your future customers and staff – invest in common sense brand communications support before it happens. You may not think your business urgently needs it, but prevention is better than the cure and planning for the future should always be a top priority for a growing business.