We were so shocked and saddened last week to be told the devastating news that our longest standing client Harry Fairclough Construction had been forced into administration. The management team had fought so hard to keep it afloat yet had to inform the team of 150 that they no longer have a job. It’s every business owners’ worst nightmare and we hear it time and time again in this fragile sector, with so many well established, reputable Contractors facing the same fate recently.

Harry Fairclough is a truly amazing company, with some of the industry’s best talent and 120+ years in business under its belt. We always talk about the things we learn from our clients, working in a wide range of sectors, with companies of all shapes and sizes and we’ve always had a huge amount of respect for this stalwart of a business, have learnt so much from it and have been proud to call it a client.

We’ve won awards together and have showcased its finest moments and exciting projects – who could forget the Lion’s Den? It’s no secret that the construction industry, in the current economic and political climate is a tough, uncertain and at times impossible place to be, particularly for an SME Contractor in the North of England working predominantly for the Public Sector. It’s simply unjust that a company with such a strong reputation, that has weathered so many storms can be taken down overnight as a result of late and non-paying customers.

Thank you Harry Fairclough, it’s been an absolute pleasure; if our business achieves even half of what you did in your 120+ years, we will have succeeded and we wish everyone in the team the best of luck in their next steps.

Harrogate Borough Council’s Civic Centre built by Harry Fairclough 2016-2017