Marketing comms is (read: should be) all about storytelling. However, with attention spans getting shorter and channels through which to reach your audiences getting more varied, it’s becoming a lost art. Good writing skills are no longer as valued as they once were in marketing, but booming book sales prove that people still love a well told story.
As award-winning brand communications specialists, here are our top tips on maintaining ‘old school’ principles in the digital age:

  • Get to the point: This isn’t something that’s just become important because of social media character/video length limits; it’s always been the key way to capture your audiences’ attention.
  • Don’t assume prior knowledge: Even your most engaged audiences are time-poor and have their attention pulled in all directions. Always talk to them as if they know nothing about what you’re talking about. You can still be succinct and provide context if you have concise key messages signed off.
  • Establish an authentic, consistent tone of voice: We wish we could say it better than Monzo Bank but their tone of voice guide is pretty much perfect so we’ll just let you read that while we bow down at their greatness . You might also be interested in reading a bit about who we are and what we stand for here.
  • People buy people: The advent of the social media ‘influencer’ is evidence that, even when you’re selling a product, people buy people. Don’t forget the human interest angle.
  • Don’t leave stories untold: It always amazes us when we’re first getting under the skin of a new client in one of the (seemingly very boring) sectors we work in how many untold stories they have. At a time when it’s possible to by-pass the media and publish your own content, you’ve got nothing to lose by telling the world what you’re up to – you’d be surprised how many people will find interest in what you consider to be mundane.

Finally, storytelling is an art so don’t leave it up to someone with no experience. Even your most knowledgeable and engaged team member might not be able to articulate what is so fantastic about what you do. Why not get in touch with us?