Helen Gill, multi-award winning Founding Director of B2B marketing comms consultancy Engage Comms has been asked to Chair a session at the upcoming UK Credit & Collections Conference (UKCCC) in Manchester on 15 September 2022.

Hosted by the UK trade body for the collections and debt purchase sector the Credit Services Association, the conference attracts industry professionals from across the country. It was named Conference of the Year at the Trade Association Forum Best Practice Awards in 2017.

Helen, who has almost 10 years’ experience in the debt sector, will be Chairing a session entitled ‘Reputation, reputation, reputation: Overcoming customer wariness’ which she will introduce by discussing progress that has been made in the sector since Engage Comms first carried out research into online consumer and stakeholder perceptions back in 2013, and what challenges are still to be overcome. Read more in this recent blog by Helen on ‘Digital communication in debt collection: Why brand strategy matters more than ever’ for background.

She’ll then set the scene for 2022 and beyond when even the smaller firms are moving towards a ‘digital first’ approach to engaging and communicating with customers and discuss how the context of the pandemic and current cost of living crisis will impact this in ways that may not have been considered. She’ll go ‘back to basics’ with firms that inevitably have to battle against reputational issues to ensure that they can build trust and overcome customer wariness while embracing new technologies for the benefit of the customer, at a time when cynicism and misplaced anger towards the industry could arguably be reaching an all-time high.

Helen will be joined by Mark Oppermann, Co-founder and Head of Sales and Marketing at Webio, and Simon Gregory, Sales Director at Data on Demand. She will ask them for their perspectives as collections sector customer engagement and data experts, before opening up for questions from delegates.