We’re excited to be launching our new website to the outside world! We set up Engage Comms in response to client demand for new ways to integrate effective communications into everything they do – from submitting tenders to attracting new talent. To help explain what we do, here are our ‘Rules of Engagement’.


Rule 1: Do your research so that you understand your target audiences and can approach them in the right way.

Rule 2: Get the skills so that you can communicate and engage with them effectively.

Rule 3: Build up some content so that you have something engaging to talk about and share.



We think that the traditional ‘retained PR agency’ model is out dated. What most clients want and need from external consultants is high impact, short term projects that help them solve specific business problems and give them the skills and tools needed to create a communications culture from within.

With almost 20 years working with clients of all shapes and sizes from board level to the ‘front line’ between us, we’ve got the experience – but we’re also young enough to be completely open to new ideas, new technologies and, especially, new ways of communicating. And we love persuading senior professionals and business owners to see our fresh point of view.

What makes us different to traditional PR agencies or so-called ‘social media gurus’ is that we are truly outcomes-driven. We measure the impact of what we do based on generating new leads, opening doors and highlighting opportunities – not on column inches, number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers. It’s about quality, not quantity!

Want to talk about how we can help you get engaged the easy way? Browse our website and engage with us now – we’d love to put forward a proposal!