Despite a year of political, social and economic turmoil and uncertainty, some UK businesses are booming. Whatever the reason for their success, it needn’t be a short-term stroke of luck. It’s easy in good times just to ride the wave and enjoy it but if we’ve learnt anything from this ‘boom and bust’ mentality in the past, it’s that long term sustainability and success doesn’t come from complacency.

All too often, clients tell us they can no longer justify continuing with such a high level of quality, proactive content marketing because they simply no longer need it. In fact, the levels of audience engagement and influence they’re gaining on social media is a distraction when they need to be focusing on getting through this busy period. But not only is that short-sighted, it’s also potentially very damaging in the long-term. A captive social media audience is incredibly difficult to come by and once you disappear from your fans’ news feeds, getting back in front of them can be much, much harder than it originally was.

The old adage that it’s 50% easier to sell to existing customers than to new ones is still true but staying ‘front of mind’ with those existing customers, whose attention is being grabbed from all directions, will be tougher than ever in 2017.

If business is going so well that you don’t have the capacity to meet the short-term demand, then you can adapt your proactive marketing efforts to focus on recycling and refreshing old content or starting to introduce buzz around new ideas, but now is not the time to go completely quiet.

Our job is to make sure that this is all taken care of while you focus on delivering on your promises. Get in touch to find out how we can help.