Some digital marketing agencies will have you believe that print is dead but in a turbulent environment where organisations have to adapt and evolve to changing market conditions, it’s easy for communications to become inconsistent and ‘scattergun’, which makes it even harder to pinpoint and engage target customers and stakeholders. 

Taking a step back and getting a fresh perspective on your current proposition while articulating what it is that is special and different about your business to bring coherence and consistency to your brand is an important exercise to do on a regular basis. Using this opportunity to create a new corporate brochure which can be used in both print and electronic formats to introduce your brand to all internal and external audiences through both written and visual content is still the best way to ensure that this exercise has a real impact. Having something tangible to touch, read and share arguably has more impact in the digital age. And this ‘brand bible’ can then be used as the basis for bringing consistency to your online presence and digital communications channels as well.

For our clients in sectors like education & skills who are working with public sector clients in an ever-changing environment, and our high growth SME clients who are rapidly growing and need to demonstrate their credibility to new audiences, the corporate brochure is still a vital tool. 

We’ve just taken delivery of the print copies of this brochure we’ve created for our client Premier Partnership which they will be showcasing at a major public sector event in London next week.

And brochures for our clients Harrogate Steel and Cult-Ore Art have helped them reach new customers with targeted, easy-to-digest content that acts as the best possible first impression.

What gives us most satisfaction is comparing the new brochures we create with clients’ old brochures from the past to show how much the business has evolved. 

What do you use as a ‘door opener’/introduction to your business for new staff, target customers, investors and others? Does it reflect your current offer and who you really are as an organisation? If not, it’s time for a new look. Get in touch for a fresh perspective.