Engage Comms has worked with our long-standing SME manufacturer client Nova Tissue to launch a new e-commerce website to help streamline its sales process and increase B2C sales, particularly of its environmentally-friendly range ‘Soft on Nature’.

As a website selling discount toilet roll and kitchen roll in bulk, we had to think outside the (recyclable cardboard) box to make the content appealing! Taking inspiration from new online bulk-buy brands like ‘Bother’, we took a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to create a brand personality, tone of voice, and suite of engaging content (including launch video) to bring humour and realism to the brand.


Alongside launching the new website and online shop, we transitioned the social platforms to bring them in line with the look, feel, proposition, and narrative of the new site to target both a B2B and B2C audience. This included explaining the connection between the brand Soft on Nature and the company Nova Tissue, to the already established audience on the profiles.

Check out the new website here and try it for yourself with free delivery!